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Elevation Pediatric Therapy is an industry leader in providing behavioral support and solutions for children, adolescents and families. Autism affects the entire family so we provide development and therapeutic services for your whole village. We CARE and We CAN HELP!

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1201 N Martin Luther King Jr Dr, NC 27101

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Elite Healthcare Group is a privately owned and family-focused company dedicated to working with parents and providers to assure that our clients have the most comprehensive, effective, and consistent treatment. We are a leading program for families managing life with autism and pride ourselves in the variety of solutions that we offer:

  • Intake Assessments
  • Physchological Evaluations
  • Parent Support Group
  • Functionality Assessments
  • Family Training
  • One-on-One Direct ABA Therapy
  • Diet Expansion
  • Toilet Trainings

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“It’s about consistent excellence for all of our clients and  a commitment to seeing them expand and grow.
Autism will not win but We WILL together!"

Meet The Elevation Pediatric Therapy Team

We are a Community of Care Providers that are Here to Help your Family Build a Brighter Future.

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