Center-Based & Home-Based Therapy


Elevation Pediatric Therapy provides Center-Based and Home-Based Therapy through Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). We provide ABA Therapy to anyone needing them ranging from 18-months to 21-years old.

ABA focuses on improving positive behaviors and eliminating negative behaviors in order to teach a variety of skills (e.g., communication, adaptive skills, feeding, and toilet training). Interventions using applied behavior analytic principles have long been established as effective approaches to increase appropriate behaviors and decrease problem behaviors for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD; National Autism Center, 2009; Wong et al., 2014).

Why Does ABA Work?

Over 30 years of research has demonstrated the effectiveness of ABA for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Children who receive early, intensive behavioral intervention (EIBI) have demonstrated positive improvements in their development. Areas of improvement include: communication, socialization, following instructions, daily living skills, etc.

Center-Based Early Intervention Program

  • Focus on children who require special attention
  • Develop abilities related to speech and language, refined and broad physical movements, cognitive functions, and social interactions
  • Use of the EPT Sensory Gym
  • Ages 18-months to 5 years old
  • 1:1 Ratio
  • Meet Twice per Week


Occupational therapy is often overlooked, yet it holds immense potential in enhancing the quality of life for individuals battling with physical, mental or emotional challenges. This therapeutic approach is not just about rehabilitation, but it is also about enabling individuals to live life to the fullest despite their limitations. It helps children with special needs participate fully in school and social situations and provides them with skills that will transition them as they transition from children to teenagers to adults. Our team of proficient occupationa therapists specializes in assisting your child bolster their:

  • Balance abilities to develop coordination
  • Ability to differentiate between their left and right sides
  • Fine motor skills which are needed for essential tasks like writing and buttoning a shirt
  • Strength and muscle tone making it easier to move and increase flexability while reducing muscle tension
  • Confidence as they see these other skills develop


Imagine the frustration of having a universe of thoughts, emotions and ideas inside your head, but being trapped behind an invisible wall that prevents you from expressing them effectively. This is a reality for many individuals who struggle with speech and language disorders. Welcome to the transformative world of Speech Therapy. Thoughtfully designed speech therapy workouts can unleash incredible transformations, not just in communication skills, but also in building self-esteem. Imagine the liberation that comes from being able to articulate your thoughts clearly, after battling speech disorders for years! Speech therapy provides more than effective communication; it brings the joy of independent expression and boosts confidence.

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